Energy Efficient MEP Design

Staengl Engineering provides Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design services for green building projects. By avoiding common practices such as over-sizing equipment or relying on packaged solutions, we have found that system equipment size can be reduced, and system performance and equipment life can be greatly increased, resulting in significant cost savings.

Energy Modeling

Staengl Engineering provides Energy Modeling for green building projects. Whether you are looking for the energy impact of design options early in design, or just need to document energy performance, Staengl Engineering has the expertise to provide detailed feedback at any point in the design process. Our staff provide energy modeling services for LEED projects, passive solar designs, and net-zero and net-positive building projects. We have successfully created hundreds of energy models for building types ranging from schools and university buildings, to commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Energy Analysis

Staengl Engineering provides Energy Analysis, industrial and commercial Energy Audits,and Consulting for building projects. We have extensive experience providing energy analysis in industrial and commercial facilities, from chip fabrication, pharmaceutical production and research facilities to commercial and institutional buildings.

Let Staengl Engineering help you:

  • Reduce your gas, electricity and water usage to reduce operating budgets
    Identify cost effective energy measures
  • Master plan phase out of energy wasting equipment
  • Audit your facility to provide a thorough picture of short term and long term energy efficiency opportunities
  • Identify optimal building and system strategies for new building projects
  • Measure and verify of energy savings from energy efficiency measures