Galen Staengl

Founder / Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 101

Founded and led by Galen Staengl, P.E., our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals brings a passion for design excellence and responsive service to each project and we pride ourselves in providing cost-effective, innovative solutions. Staengl Engineering is committed to transforming building design practices for future generations – we are proud to support the Architecture 2030 Challenge. We have extensive experience in the design and commissioning of systems for high-performance building projects, including net-positive and net-zero energy use, LEED Platinum projects, Living Buildings, and Passive House certified buildings.

Chris Fuller

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 105

David Leetch

Senior Electrical Engineer

Ext. 106

Devin Wright

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 103

Mackenzie Bahmanipour

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 112

Steven Kruyne

Senior Electrical Engineer

Ext. 114

Sally Fields

Electrical Engineer

Ext. 110

Moongyu Jang

Electrical Engineer

Ext. 107

Robert Lovaglio

Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 104

Matthew Fischer

Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 113

Winter Molloy

Energy Analyst

Ext. 115

Esther Sodeke

Mechanical Engineer

Ext. 117

Andy Wright

Manager / Operations

Ext. 102