Emory+Henry College

Hickory Hall

Emory, VA

CLIENT: Mod-U-Kraf

Hickory Hall is a 116 bed dormitory at Emory + Henry College, in Emory, Virginia. The 40,000 square foot residence hall will be the largest Passivhaus certified dormitory in the United States.

The residence hall, built to the Passivhaus energy standard, is expected to use approximately 74% less energy than a code building of its type. The highly insulated building will require very little heating energy throughout the year, with most of the required heat provided by people and lighting in the building. Additional heating and cooling that is required will be supplied from an innovative and cost effective geothermal system, that simultaneously generates domestic hot water while cooling the building. Because the heating and cooling loads in the building have been minimized, an economical horizontal geothermal well field was affordable for the project.