Ecovillage Charlottesville

Ecological Neighborhood

Charlottesville, VA

Official Website

Fred Øesch, Ecovillage Board & Design Committee

To create a diverse neighborhood of energy efficient homes in a park-like environment within walking distance of downtown Charlottesville while building community by sharing skills, childcare, eldercare, gardening, recreational areas and much more.

Chris Fuller has been involved with the project for years as a designer and board member doing pro-bono conceptual design work; which has included conceptual Architectural Plans, Architectural Renderings, Site Plans, Utility Plans, Presentations and Regional Trail Studies.

Staengl Engineering is proud to encourage and support these continuing efforts to bring this ecological showcase neighborhood to reality.


Apply the latest technology and ancient wisdom together to design a neighborhood that conserves resources and brings residents together into a community. Sustainable features of the buildings will include passive solar architecture, solar electricity, solar hot water, air tight and enhanced insulated construction, natural ventilation, energy recovery, rooftop gardens, sunspaces, and geothermal heat pumps. Shared office spaces, workshop, pool, dining, gardens, guest quarters and other amenities will be built into the neighborhood so that each residence won’t require their own.

Affordable, Resilient and Low-impact.