P9B8902_edit-smecoMOD South, a grant-funded initiative of UVA’s ecoMOD Project, has won Architect Magazine’s 2013 Research & Development Award. In 2011, the ecoMOD project received half of a $2.45 million grant from the Virginia Tobacco Commission Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission to commercialize an adaptation of a home designed by the ecoMOD4 student team in 2009 for Habitat for Humanity. The grant was structured to transform that design into a four-bedroom home that aspires to be the first truly affordable Passive House Standard modular home in the U.S. Achieving Passive House Standard requires rigorous energy simulation and analysis to reach a very low energy target for heating and cooling. Staengl Engineering provided mechanical design for the project. http://www.arch.virginia.edu/resources/ecomod-south-wins-architect-magazine-s-rd-award